The upper picture shows the plan view
of the cross section on Harley Dome.
The lower picture shows the vertical
cross section. There may be a fault
between 21 - 1 and Gov't #8, which
you own. The slopes however appear
continuous. The south well is the Gov't
15. It and the Gov't 8 were analysed
from reported tops and flows. The
stray sand we are producing from
appears to be the same perf'd in the
#8. They also perf'd the Dakota A
which is marked as crossover on the
21-1. Larsen #20 shows both sands.
Both sands appear to be developed
throughout area - including 21-2. I
think it looks like a sand there and not
a silt. There may be oil pay even in the
Morrison and gas pay in the Entrada in
the 21-1. The well log shows its
wanting to cross over in  the Salt Wash.

My guess right now is to drill in
between the 21-1 and the #8 to the
Entrada so that we make enough gas
to pay for compression and
separation. We need about a million a
day to get this thing off the ground.
With three wells we ought ot make it.
The #8, 21-1 and one new well.

I can calculate skin on the 21-1 and
see if a frac job would help us that
much. I canj get this from the well test. I
am satisfied this stray sand runs a
ways so I don't think we're going to get
appreciable drawdown on reservoir
pressure there.